Crème de la Crème: March

I read a lot of blogs, and really love the "Friday Favorite"-type posts, which usually list/discuss top links to fashion, food, pop culture, etc. Since I'm not enough of a frequent blogger to do the weekly thing, I thought it might be fun to recreate the idea within a monthly parameter instead.

Twitter Fame:
After being a some-time Twitter participant for about two years, I finally experienced the celebrity re-tweet! Truly exciting to know that an "untouchable" celebrity actually 1) read my tweet, and 2) found it special enough to retweet it!

TV Junkies:
Morgan and I are seriously addicted to a few shows these days. I would feel guilty about this, but I counteract the couch potato-ness with plenty of reading and exercising. Some of our favorites:

"Game of Thrones" - We've been in a race to get through season 2 before the season 3 premiere on Sunday. This show is like "Henry VIII" meets "Lord of the Rings" and it is soooo wild! There are tons of characters and storylines, but I like that - it makes me feel smart to be able to follow/keep up.

"The Following" - Apparently everyone on the planet is a traitor/spy/affiliate, according to this show. I cannot get over the massively tangled roles and relationships. How these writers come up with this stuff just boggles the mind.

"The Walking Dead" - Never thought I'd be one for the zombie show, but man-oh-man, this one rocks. 
Just heard today that 27 people will die in Sunday's season finale. Whaaaaaaat!?!?!?

"House of Cards" - Kevin Spacey is an evil, political mastermind...and strangely hot. Robin Penn is better looking (and a better actor) than her Princess Bride days. Kate Mara is playing a game and you can't quite be sure she knows all of the rules. A dark, funny, dangerous show. 

Behind-the-ball catch-ups: "Dexter" and "Breaking Bad" - we're working on these. Can't wait to be in real time eventually (if only to cease dodging storyline giveaways within social media).

Top Reads:
Speaking of books, I spent a majority of my spring break doing a lot of reading.

Gray (Wentz) - Admittedly, I am a sucker for rock star autobios...anything to get into the head of a musician. There's something so seductive about the music world, even if I know full well that I am too uptight to ever hang there. This novel is listed as "semi-autobiographical," but let's just call it what it really is: Pete Wentz's journals in book form. I think he is a brilliant lyricist, and this book is a turbulent, emotional ride through his brain - kind of like a longer version of one of his songs. It makes me sad to read it...but in a good way. 

Dark Places (Flynn) - Ah, this author is my newest favorite! She writes with such twisted, mental angles. I could. not. stop. reading this one in particular, and was not able to figure out anything until the end (as was the author's intent). High marks for that!
Perks of Being a Wallflower (Chbosky) - Haven't seen the movie yet; waiting to finish the book first. I am only just into it, but love the 90s/high school slant already. Can't quite figure out the narrator...

Cutting for Stone (Verghese) - The setting of this book isn't one I would typically be drawn to, but the author sucks you right in from the beginning. I am taking my time with this book.  

Yummy Success:
Andes Mint Brownie - add a topping of crushed Thin Mints and they're out of this world!
Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas - crispy edge-cheesy center perfection.

Pinterest Finds:

Worthy Website:
www.tagxedo.com - a cool place to turn words into art.

Fashion Fave:
Vintage lockets - so gorgeous!

Vintage Vault:
90s fashion...take me back to the days when flannels were cool.

Imagine Dragons concert at The Fillmore. Totally rockin'.

Wise/Witty/Worthwhile Words:
"I'm confused...how is two gay people getting married a threat to my marriage? Am I doing it wrong?" ~ James Van Der Beek, via Twitter
Agreed, Dawson, agreed.

Upcoming Awesomeness:
*Trip to Tampa for a wedding reception (Cuban food/family time/travel fun)
*End-of-Year countdown...only eight weeks 'till summer! 
*Forthcoming info on the new Hanson album/tour
*New Fall Out Boy album release April 16th