Wedding Travels - San Fran

I've been lucky enough to travel to two fabulous places for wedding-related tasks in the past month, one being San Francisco. My sister and I went to San Fran at the end of March for the wedding dress fitting, and had a great time exploring the city. We toured Alcatraz and hung out with our ultra-cool relatives, Uncle Paul and Tete Bonnie. It was a blast, although too quick of a trip. I learned a few things on this adventure, too:

1) The San Fran public transit (re: bus system) is confusing and inability to navigate it may result in copious amounts of walking through multiple neighborhoods. 

2) When one is tired of walking said copious amounts, a sighted trolley may seem like an oasis in the desert. Be warned...the trolley is a dangerous, wild ride. How that dude controls a vehicle overloaded with annoying tourists - all  with one pulley-stick-thingy - is beyond me.

3) If one should ever master said bus system and actually board a bus, know that one might still look like a tourist (despite efforts to seem otherwise). In these cases, it's best to not speak to the self-proclaimed meth addict sitting across from you. Just FYI.

4) After a long day of walking and riding buses, French-owned coffee shops sell delicious almond croissants. 

5) Yes, it is possible to walk from Union Square to the Golden Gate Bridge. But it's a looooooooong way. :)

Here are a few pics from our trip...

 Prime hotel location

 Hang on around curves!

 Fisherman's Wharf cuisine

 Beautiful Golden Gate

 Bizarre/beautiful monument thingy...still not sure what it was/who put it there

 This was a steep hill. Believe it.

 Oh, my sister Summer...she makes friends where ever she goes!


  1. Love San Fran. And the monument thingy is the Palace of Fine Arts, put there for an old world's fair exhibition I believe. (Bryan used to live in San Fran and we had lots of fun exploring!)
    Glad you enjoyed it, this makes me want to go back again!

    1. Aha - the Palace of Fine Arts, cool! It was so beautiful - and so random - in the middle of that neighborhood. Thanks for the background info! :)