Cat cure-all

It's been one of THOSE days.

For a creature of habit and careful planning, today did not go well. I awoke feeling crummy - in a mental/emotional sense - and therefore in no mood to follow my regimented summer schedule. (Consider "regimented" lightly - it's not exactly been boot camp over here or anything!)

Anyway, my morning of "I-can't-deal-so-I'll-just-watch-a-movie" turned into an afternoon of obsessing over my blog background, which swiftly took over my evening as well. Workout? Nope. (Not that it was really an option, anyway - yesterday's yoga/Jillian combo left me crippled.) Cleaning? Organizing? General productivity? Nope. Nope. Nope.

So here I've managed to squander 14 hours of my day (mostly) on the computer. The horror of this realization put me in a mood even more terrible than the one I awoke with. Did I seriously just spend an entire day on the Internet? Even a phone call from Mom, even popcorn for dinner, even a delightful evening thunderstorm didn't cheer me up - so it had to be bad. True, there are deeper reasons to my moodiness above just a worthless day, but still.

Just as I began to slip into that unrecoverable hole of despair, Edith hopped up onto the couch and snuggled up against the side of my thigh. She fidgeted, then purred. Twisted sideways and now snoring slightly, she was like a furry little bear.

And in two minutes flat, that cat just made my (wasted) day.

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