Blogger - what?

I'm a born blogger.

A blog is essentially a journal, right? Or thoughts and feelings pinned down onto paper? Is the only prerequisite for owning a blog simply to think, write and share? If so, then this blogging business isn't news at all to me.

I've kept a journal since the 8th grade - though that first one consisted of one-liner details, like, "Mike caught my eye in the lunchroom today" and "School dance - ugh!" By high school, I had two journals going at once - one of my own, filled with all sorts of secrets kept from my parents, and one shared with my best friend, Traci. This journal was a fabulous idea - we kept it in a plain notebook and passed it back and forth between classes. It allowed us to write notes to each other without getting caught by a teacher. Our journal was creative, filled with poetry and art (not just doodling, mind you - Traci was/is an amazing artist). I still remember writing poems in that journal during 9th grade English, scribbling away while Mr. McCloskey babbled about the importance of "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." in A Tale of Two Cities.  We'd comment on Senora Cable's boring Destinos tapes, and wrote page after page (after page) about boys and heartache. 

Ahh...boys and heartache. Clearly correlated, and seemingly, a never-ending issue. While adulthood has shown me that there indeed are much larger life struggles - career choices, financial woes, death - to this day, boys and heartache continue to be topics most violently felt, most continuously processed. Rooted in my soul, boys and heartache are easiest for me to write about, too...no matter the form they've taken on life's road.

But this blog won't be just about broken hearts or musings on men; it won't have that one specific goal. I've begun it simply for myself, truly, in an attempt to maintain a sanity that may be threatened by inevitable changes in my future. And don't we all wish for that - a lifeline when life itself becomes unbearable? 

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